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Paola Baglietto (she/her), Chief Catalyst

Paola Baglietto has over a decade's experience implementing cultural change, helping organizations grow, training talent and coaching. 

She is a Doctoral candidate at Middlebury College, holds and M.Ed, a Graduate Specialty in Human Resource Development, an M.A. in International Languages and a Bachelor's degree in Business with a major in Human Resources.

Her global DEIB expertise includes varied sized businesses; from Fortune 500 companies, to the public school system and non-for-profits.

Before consulting, she had led Cultural transformation projects at Pepsico, created Social Justice initiatives using strategic relationships for underrepresented groups, lead cultural change at an organizational and community level in the educational sector, and lead various DEIB teams through planning and implementation. 

Paola is a seasoned leader, coach, researcher and educator, she speaks 5 languages, although she will only own up to being fluent in 3.

Cultural transformation is at the root of her expertise; she is passionate about creating exponential growth opportunities for under represented groups, particularly women, LatinX, people from low socio economic backgrounds, and trauma victims.

Her unparalleled understanding of culture is not only academic, research based and acquired though experience but also personal, she is a child of globalization, has 3 nationalities (guess which!) and has lived all over the world.

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Dr. Miguel Salinas is a recognized expert in educational leadership, strategy and inclusion. He has over a decade experience designing and implementing DEIB programs in the secondary and higher ed systems. He has focused his research on multilingual and multicultural learning environments. He is a pioneer in bringing communities together by creating community engagement programs and creating inclusion in organizations through cultural change and policy.

Dr. Miguel Salinas, Inclusion Advisor (he/him)

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Stephania Alexander graduated from the University of Southern California with a bachelor’s degree in International Relations and minor in French. She has experience implementing diversity programs in the hospitality sector, nonprofits and the business sector. She has used her multicultural and multinational background to develop mindful and diverse programs both in the US and internationally. She is passionate about holistic wellbeing and self-improvement. Her experience recruiting and managing teams make her strategic partner for understanding and building diversity.

Stephania Alexander, Diversity Advisor (she/her)


Patton Lowell has built Leadership, Inclusion and Belonging programs in several capacities for years. He is an expert facilitator and speaker. He is the head of several youth belonging programs such as AVID (Advancement Via Individual Determination) and Link Crew (leadership and mentorship development program). His work focuses on subcultures, history and creating social mobility and belonging for marginalized groups.

Patton Lowell, Belonging Advisor (he/him)

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